A Brief About Us

The company Hexa-Classics Sdn Bhd (Reg.No – 234480-H) was registered on 28th February 1992 as a ‘Shelf Company’ and was transferred on 31st May 1992. Hexa-Classics started operating officially on 1st June 1992 as a manufacturer for agencies uniforms and also distributes accessories for the uniforms. Over the years, Hexa Classics has established a recognition as one of the valid panel to the governments and continuously providing its services.

Hexa Classics continues to run its operation until 2009 and temporarily went dormant for a few years. In 2017, Hexa Classics officially changed its ownerships to a new shareholders and a humble new generation of management team. The company has come a long way since its humble takeover of a fading business in 2017, it has continued to grow from strength to strength with firm commitment to quality, along with dedication and constant initiative on improving the operation. Because of this, Hexa Classics was awarded the “Fast Moving Company” Award from SME100 on 2020.

After re-established the apparel manufacturing operation, Hexa Classics has leveraged on its facilities, human capital skills and supply chain networks to diversify into supplying common textiles, producing corporate uniforms, distributes personal protective equipments and medical devices during the pandemic to the Government of Malaysia and other corporate clients.

Hexa Classics values its staff and is proud that it hires Bumiputra’s to be the part of growth factor to the company, believing in the talent and skills of local people.

Our Vision & Mission


  • To be recognized as one of the leading apparel lean manufacturer and distributor
  • Evolve to be one of the quality and capability worthy and competitive Bumiputra’s manufacturer  
  • Become part of the country economic growth in the country in addition to opening more job opportunities for the locals with potential


  • Produce products and services that meet customer satisfaction in quality assurance without compromising the finishing timeline as required
  • Expanding the products and services capacity throughout the local market
  • Creatively innovative products and services experience through customers feedback

Our Achievements

Our Clients

Why makes us your choice?​

We source and prepare the finest materials to create perfectly develop and good looking uniforms that are entirely satisfying.

Our products are produced with care and cut to fit the requirements from customers especially when it comes to workmanship quality.

We understood and follow the standard Asian measurement size chart to ensure the perfect fit and comfortability of wearer.

We understand the importance of dress to impress. Our designers and pattern maker are ready to customize according to your needs.